Invisalign – You can smile again!

Treatment that gave over 2.5 million patients around the world a reason to smile.

Nowadays, the progress is extremely fast, especially in medicine. Over the years, the best solution in the treatment of many malocclusion have been fixed with braces, consisting of metal arches and locks glued directly to the teeth, which may be associated with some inconveniences. That was until today. What does the treatment of tomorrow look like? Almost completely invisible aligners applied to the teeth, allow to function normally without any embarrassment, so that most people will not even notice that we use an orthodontic appliance. They are worn constantly, taking off only for the time of eating and cleaning. This is the beauty of Invisalign® aligners – they fit into your life.

Comfortable, transparent and removable.

Invisalign is a solution that allows you to straighten teeth using a series of almost invisible aligners designed specifically for the needs of a particular patient. Each aligner is exchanged for another after two weeks, so that the teeth gradually move to the right place day after day. Unlike fixed orthodontic appliances, the aligners can be removed and put back in at any time. Thanks to them, you gain a new, beautiful smile that will change your life.

Invisalign. Always innovative.

Invisalign is constantly developing treatment methods that it offers to its patients. Thanks to this, it can boast a number of innovative solutions in straightening teeth with transparent aligners.


A flexible material that is more comfortable and allows better control over tooth movements.


A virtual treatment plan in 3D that shows the intended direction of tooth movements and their positions in which they will be dutring the entire treatment process.

Invisalign Full

The basic treatment option. Straightening teeth with a set of removable, almost transparent aligners.

Invisalign Lite

The solution is used for less complex defects such as light crowding and small spaces between the teeth.

Invisalign Teen

To meet the needs of younger patients. we offer a solution that, apart from all the options available in the treatment of Invisalign Full, is enriched with a few additional elements, e.g. frequency of wear indicator.

Invisalign i7

Easy and convenient solution designed for a small correction of the teeth position. Treatment of Invisalign i7 lasts only three months.

Vivera Retention devices

It offers a set of three transparent retention devices that allow you to keep a beautiful smile for a long time. Available not only for patients treated with the Invisalign method.