An individual approach to the problems of our patients is our priority.

allDentis dental clinic

We offer comprehensive treatment in all areas of dentistry at the highest level in comfortable and aesthetic interiors, eliminating the stress accompanying patients before the visit. Knowledge and experience is passed on to the third generation of dentists.

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We give patients more than a new smile, we give a reason to smile at the very sight of it.

High-class dental equipment

Our offices are equipped with modern units with built-in intraoral cameras. For canal treatment we use the and Reciproc@ endomotor,which improve the quality of treatment. The pantomograph and radiovisiography provide pictures of digital quality at a small dose of radiation. Philips ZOOM whitening lamp, which is the safest available on the market and a very effective whitening method. The whole treatment takes place in a clean atmosphere provided by the air conditioner, which not only regulates the temperature in the office, but also cleanses the air of bacteria, viruses and fungi. In the near future, we plan to purchase a computer tomograph (CBCT).

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Our dental offer.


Invisalign is a solution that allows you to straighten teeth using a series of almost invisible aligners designed specifically for the needs of a particular patient.


Conventional prosthetics: movable dentures, permanent dentures. Prosthetics on implants. Dentures with snaps (cosmetic). Combined work.

Dental surgery

Small surgery: tooth extraction, local and general anesthesia, resection of the tooth root, pre-prosthetic surgery.


Treatment of caries in children and adults, root canal treatment, tooth decay using a sandblaster (painless), teeth whitening with the latest generation of lamps (ZOOM).


Splintered tooth splinters, anti-inflammatory, surgical treatment, subgingival scaling, dental sandblasting, frenulum treatments, comprehensive parodontic treatment.

Conservative dentistry

Instructions for cleaning teeth, removing plaque and other deposits, establishing a diet beneficial to teeth, tooth varnishing, varnishing of furrows, prophylaxis of teeth.

Staff dentists in dentist’s offices in Szczecin and Pyrzyce:


Ewa Jabłońska, PhD


Dariusz Maciej Jabłoński, PhD


Maciej Jabłoński

We look forward to welcoming you!