Our office can show off modern equipment for radiological diagnostics. (Photographs are issued to the patient on the CD’s)

Radiovisiography allows you to take a picture of a single tooth allowing dentist to spot changes in the bone at the apex of the tooth and to take a wing-occlusal picture in order to detect carious lesions on the tangents surfaces of the teeth.

A panthomogram is a photograph of both jaws, upper and lower with all existing teeths, temporomandibular joints, nasal cavity and even maxillary sinuses, is the most useful diagnostic tool for the dentist. These photos allow you to plan dental treatment, detect changes in the bones and also give an overall view of the situation around the oral cavity. The pantomograph also allows you to take functional pictures of temporomandibular joints and pictures of maxillary sinuses.

Cephalometry or radiological photo of the face profile necessary for the diagnosis of malocclusion and planning of precise orthodontic treatment. It shows bone structure and the skin of the patient.